Southbank Centre - Royal Festival Hall

 A collection of textiles using print and audio components to present a  sound piece by Artist Emeka Ogboh. The sound piece called 'UnderBridge' is taken from Lagosoundscape;  a series of recordings documenting the urban environment in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. The fabrics use a combination of sound conductive and non conductive materials and takes influences directly from Ogboh’s sound piece. The rhythm of the voices set against the background music, and the sense of distance created by loud reverberations and soft sounding echoes informed the use of material and placement of pattern and colour. The textile gives a physical form to sound, using an unlikely medium and lo-tech technology. It relies on the use of vibration and tension as a tool to give a haptic and physical quality to sound, which is arguable seen as an intangible force. The sound only works when there is tension in the material and when it is stretched  and pushed to the extreme. Materials and textiles can produce a mental soundtrack with personal meaning and connotations. This piece is part of a larger series of projects thinking about the parallels between textiles and technology; and how they have an effect on the movement of people; and the ability to build connections, in a place where it can offer or hinder freedom.